Come meet me

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The waiting is over and this is the day
The nerves and the worries have all gone away
I'm ready to meet you in this special way
Come meet me, Lord Jesus, meet me
The bread and wine you offer free
Are symbols of your love for me
Come, sweet Jesus, meet me

My teachers, my family, my friends and my priest
Have helped me prepare for the forthcoming feast
For all other things, I don't care in the least
Come meet me, Lord Jesus, meet me
Each and every day's been spent
Preparing for this sacrament
Come, sweet Jesus, meet me


I'm glad that you chose me, in turn I choose you
I want you to tell me what I have to do
I'm ready to give you a heart that is true
Come meet me, Lord Jesus, meet me
As I prepare to stand in line
Waiting for the bread and wine
Come, sweet Jesus, meet me

Please acknowledge source - Christian Songs for Children, Sowerby Bridge, England
Copyright 2003 All rights reserved

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