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Patrick Ambrose and Adrian Haw


Patrick and Adrian have been writing songs together since 2001. Patrick, (the one on the left who was once young and fun to be with) writes the lyrics, and Adrian composes and arranges all the music. They both live in Sowerby Bridge, West Yorkshire, England and are part of a group of singers and musicians which makes up the Sacred Heart & St. Patrick's music group. The songs on this site were written for the Sacred Heart Children's Choir

The Mothers Day song Thank You Mum was written first and proved so popular that Patrick and Adrian felt encouraged to continue to write songs on a number of themes. The Mothers Day song has been used in schools, clubs and churches and by groups of youngsters in a variety of settings from all over the world.

The Christmas song Things will never be the same again was also written in 2001 and was played on local and regional radio networks. Again, the song was used by choir groups from all over the world and was very favourably received.

The First Holy Communion song Come meet me was premiered at the First Holy Communion ceremony at Sacred Heart in June 2002 and is now one of our most requested songs.

Patrick showing off again

Seven times Seven is our favourite song. The theme is forgiveness and it is based on Matthew 18 vs. 21 - 23. We can't stop our children dancing around to this one. There are some valuable lessons to be learnt from this song, which speaks to children at a level they really understand - or so the feedback tells us. If you have used any of our songs with your groups, please do take a few minutes to leave a message on our guest book or send an e-mail. We do read and use all feedback to try and improve all the time.

The Sowers song is based on the parable of the Sower. It is repetitive, which children love. We are told that that because of this, you will be singing the song in your head all day after singing it, and hating yourself for doing so!

Adrian at the baby grand


Our latest offering Who wants to be first? on the theme of humility now has the sheet music to download for free. Keep coming back and thanks for your support!

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